Wedding at Waldhaus Flims

Wedding at Waldhaus Flims

This amazing American wedding started at Waldhaus Flims. It was a beautiful sunny Thursday. In fact, it was so sunny that the groom decided to do something I have not witnessed before at any of my 100+ weddings I have photographed. He called the reception and asked them to bring buckets of ice! From this he made an ice bath where he cooled down. Apparently it helped (in case anyone is thinking of doing something similar before getting married). Another fun thing was the present he gave to his friends. When you scroll down you will see what I mean. The bride got ready with her friends in the floor above. They were more traditional and sticked to having some champagne whilst getting ready – sometimes sticking to traditions can also be good.

The wedding ceremony took place outdoors at the gorgeous Waldhaus Flims garden. The view of the Swiss alps and the local village was stunning. Having said this, having friends and family is what matters most. In this case  everyone (more or less) came from the US to attend the wedding was amazing. After the wedding ceremony the guests had an apero whilst we took some portait photos whilst the sun was slowly setting down.

After the apero there was a location change. It took everyone to Hotel Fidazerhof. A very cosy location. It started with another apero before going over to dinner. During the dinner they had various wedding speeches. As you can imagine, I have also witnessed a lot of wedding speeches. The groom’s mum who is originally from Japan did a great job. You could have dropped a needle whilst she spoke and one would have heard it. Some people have that ability. She was certainly of them. After the wedding speeches the party started. It was great to see that all guests were dancing!

This was my last wedding of the year and it was a great way to finish the year. Enjoy the wedding photos!

Waldhaus FlimsWedding bride at Waldhaus FlimsGroom having an ice bathGroom and mum Wedding at Waldhaus Flims´´´´

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