Wedding at St Charles Hall in Meggen

It was my first wedding at St Charles Hall in Meggen. What an amazing venue! I am not surprised it has won awards for its location.

The bride and groom got ready in different room upstairs of St Charles. Normally when I arrive to the location I walk around to find one spot to take some pictures with bride and groom individually. In most cases I have to walk around a bit and be a bit creative but in this case, it was the complete opposite. One room was more beautiful than the other and I could have spent hours in each room. Really amazing.

The day before the wedding the weather forecast said ‘sunny’. As I arrived to the location it was raining. The bride and groom had to decide if they wanted to do the wedding indoors or outdoors. At that time we still had 2 hours till the wedding ceremony. They took the decision to do it outdoors and “oh boy” it was the right decision. Weather turned out to be splendid and it was a beautiful ceremony in two languages outdoors.

After the wedding ceremony the apero kicked off. Towards the end of it we decided to walk to the lake to take some wedding portraits. Who was inside the lake swimming? Some of their wedding guests. It just shows that this bunch are spontaneous and active. Another cool thing that I saw was the wedding bouquet toss. Instead of throwing it to people behind her she decided to attach multiple ribbons to the wedding bouquet. Each lady took one ribbon and then they walked around her in a circle. With a scissor she cut one ribbon after another till there was one left and that person got the bouquet. Pretty fun!

The wedding dinner was really tasty and along it they also hade more fun games (games at a wedding can be great but also a disaster so the selection of game is important). The guests had a sheet with written statements on it (i.e ‘1. You went to university with the brideĀ or the groom’ 2. ‘You live in Zurich etc’). Then the hosts asked the different ‘numbers’ to stand up and the wedding couple had to guess why these people were standing up. It was a nice way to connect people and make people move.

After the dinner they had a lovely cake buffet. I really enjoyed their wedding cake. Scroll down to check it out. The wedding day at St Chales Hall was wrapped up by a great DJ, dance and drinks. Enjoy the wedding photos!

Bride Preparation

Bride Portrait

Bride Portrait in St Charles Hall in MeggenWedding Bride
Groom wedding preparation

Groom portrait

Arriving by boat to Meggen

Wedding ceremony at St charles hall

Wedding ceremony outdoors

Wedding portraits in Meggen

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