Below you can find a collection of wedding photos. All from different weddings in various parts of Switzerland such as Bern, Lugano, Luzern, Montreux. I have purposely kept the the wedding pictures (hochzeits bilder) to a limited amount. I strongly believe couples should see a photographers (hochzeit fotograf) photos from indiviual weddings in order to see their photo style and consistency. This is also true for portraits and baby fotos – or any type of photography. I hope you will like my way of shooting weddings and portraits. If you have any questions then feel free to contact me.  To see all my latest wedding/portraits/baby fotos then have a look at the blog.

magnusbogucki portfolio8 Portfolio

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Hochzeit Fotograf / Wedding Photographer’s View:

When choosing your wedding photographer make sure you talk or meet beforehand to ensure there is a good match in personality from both sides. The wedding day is an important and intimate event – you want to be sure that the photographer fits you. A good way to create a good working relationship is to have an engagement shoot before the actual wedding (hochzeit).

Engagement pictures can also be useful for several reasons. You will create a better relationship with your photographer (hochzeit fotograf), be more comfortable in front of the camera and know how to work together. Furthermore, the photos from the session can be used for wedding invitations or a nice slideshow during the wedding day itself.

Another good tip for wedding couples who want different photos is to have a post-wedding shoots (the photo above was taken in such a situation). A post wedding allows you to use the best possible light of the day, not being worried about your wedding guests and you can use your wedding outfit one more time. For more tips about how to use your wedding photographer for your wedding day go here: advice for the couple