Wedding Albums

I love Wedding Albums – let me explain why…..

If your house was on fire? Wouldn’t photo albums be one of the things you would rescue? Photos which can take you back in an instance to a certain event. It is also great to sit down with your children/family/friends and flick through pictures. I love technology and seeing stuff on a iPad/Projector/Computer is very cool (one can’t deny that) but holding something really solid and seeing something on paper is simply better in my opinon.

I don’t want to get into a discussion of what is more durable – backups on DVD or something printed on paper BUT it is much easier to show a book, to store it in a safe place and more tangible.

It is very gratifying seeing the end product of an important event and finalising the hardwork which is required to get there.

I always recommend couples to invest in an big photo album – couples always invest a lot of time and money into their guests and I believe this should be the reward for that.


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