I name this post “warriors” because this family consist of three warriors – Mikael (dad), Petra (Mom), Milo (son). Each of them have their unique and strong story – they have gone through more stuff individually than anybody should. What bonds these three warriors together is the fact that they are ONE family. Their energy is loaded from being together and supporting each other. These guys are also my family so it was an honor to capture these intimate photos that , I believe, symbolises their unity, strength and love for each other.

family portrait 1 Warriors

family portrait 2 Warriors

family portrait 4 Warriors

family portrait 5 Warriors

family portrait 3 Warriors

family portrait 6 Warriors

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  • Eliza said:

    helt underbara bilder

  • Beltran said:



  • Jean-Marc said:

    Sometimes we could look at some photos and say "I can also do this", but honestly Magnus you are reaching another level in photographying people: you are telling stories, with a real personal style. Congrats !!

  • Hi Magnus

    This serie is stunning. I like the deep black.

  • Lotta said:

    Love it..... Outstanding....