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Patricia and I went to Paris to celebrate her birthday and meet up with her family. It was very nice to experience Paris from a local’s perspective. We slept at her cousins place and their place was just outside Paris. When we arrived to Paris I gave Patri her birthday gift – a wine and chocolate tasting session. It was REALLY cool. We first filled our stomachs with food to ensure we would not get drunk before even meeting her family. We then went to the address we were given and outside was a youngish guy smoking a cigarette asking in real french asking “you here for wine and chocolate tasting session…follow me”. Then he walked us into an alley which had an old book shop and some place to drink coffee and you felt like in a movie . Then we walked down some narrow stairs and ended up in a wine cellar. It was set up in a very nice way and warm atmosphere. The youngish guy was the expert and he was extremely knowledgeable about wine. We had 5 different kinds of french wine and 5 different chocolate pieces to go along with each wine. If anyone is going to Paris then I highly recommend this. After the session we got a bottle of champagne.

The rest of the weekend we saw a bit of Paris back streets (Patri think we got lost but I knew where we were all the time), went to a wine/cheese/sausage market, the ladies went shopping whilst the men went to the pub for a beer and watched Arsenal play (was an amazing game as Bendtner scored the winner in the 92nd minute!) and had a lovely food as well

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  • Andrea said:

    So cool the idea with the wine & chocolate tasting session. Can you send me the address (or post it here), please? I`m very interested in such things ;)

  • admin said:

    The URL is

  • Andrea said:

    Cool! Thanks a lot Magnus!!