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morcote mist4 Misty Morcote

Today was very strange weather in Morcote – the village was in a cloud. Outside Morcote it was sunny apparently. Today when I was walking next to the lake I could not distinguish the water from the sky. It was very surreal. But absolutely beautiful. I therefore grabbed my camera and went for a 10-15 min walk in the village.

For people who don’t know the village Morcote – it is a small place in kanton Ticino and it is around 10-15km from Lugano. The village is very small and steep. If you have not been here then it is worth a visit.  It feels a bit like being in Italy (not strange since it is only 20min to italy).

If you plan to get married in Ticino then Morcote is a place to consider for sure – on top of the village there is castle (Castello Di Morcote) which can host small to big events. The swiss wedding shop kissloud.ch which sells decoration of all sorts is also based here. I don’t have to say that there is a photographer here too 😉

Here are the photos. Enjoy!


morcote mist2 Misty Morcote

morcote mist32 Misty Morcote


And here is a “behind the scence” photo 🙂 I took my son on a baby bjorn whilst taking these photos.

dadson Misty Morcote

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