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Every year for my birthday I go somewhere to celebrate it – this year it was Barcelona with Patri. In short: it started terribly but overall it was great.The reason it started terribly was due to the fact that we woke up at 4 am to make our 7am flight with Easyjet that turned out to be 3 hours late! It informed all passengers it was delayed – but not by how long. After 3 hours, and a missed breakfast in barcelona,  it arrived. Never easy jet again!

On the airplane Patri gave me my birthday gift – it was a box with three numbered envelopes. Had to be open in order. I opened the first one and it was a reservation to a hotel – it was a really nice hotel because the design inside was wicked, the location was perfect and breakfast was heavenly. It is recommended – and the price is not too bad – it is called 987.
As we arrived to the hotel we were starving so across the street we had a Tapas place – had lots of food and a bottle of wine. It was really lovely food. I then got my second envelope – we had an appointment for 1.5hour thai massage and 30min spa. Sweeeeet. The place was really nicely decorated – it was one room with two massage beds, and a jacuzzi in one corner and a massive shower in the other corner. The massage itself was one of the best I had. Highly recommended – Silom Spa.

The 3rd and final envelope was the best I must say – baring in mind nr 1 and 2 was already amazing. It was a dinner at the restaurant Manairo which recently got a Michelin Star.
When we went there we went for a 14-course meal with different wine along with the food. I have always been curious to go to a place which experiments with food as “taste” is one of the senses that I have not explored as much as other senses. Think about it – a lot of us has seen a lot (countries, lovely sunsets, etc), been through emotional states (happyiness, love, sadness, lonelyness etc), heard a lot (lots of different types of sounds, music, bands etc) but food wise it tends to be not as extensive. Anyway, before going there I was afraid I was not going to be full but I was sooo wrong. I could not eat a thing after that. Was LOVELY and it truly filled you up. Highly recommended.

Rest of the trip in Barcelona involved some shopping, sightseeing, getting lost, going outside Barcelona to a place called Sitges which was very nice. Due to the volcano in Iceland we got “stuck” another 4 days but Patri’s cousin was a star and didn’t mind that we stayed at her place – thank you Sonia!!. On top of that – eating Tapas on a daily basis, drinking wine and checking out Barcelona was not too bad. 🙂 I had been to Barcelona when I was 17 but now I truly got to experience it and I really liked the city – more clean and organised than I thought (especially if you compare to Paris). My biggest impact of this trip was all the lovely food – I luuuuuuv Tapas!

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This last photo I HAD to show – we went to a restaurant and asked for the menu in Spanish and English. Now….check out the prices on the different menus…….

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and this is what you can buy on one of the major markets…….

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