bannalpsee Bannalpsee

This weekend I went with Patri, Mark and Caroline to Bannalpsee which is around 30mins away from Luzern. It was really cool as it was very secluded. For a while we were the only ones walking around this entire lake. It was powerful. We also started to shout and could see small avalanches every now and then – must have seen 10 or 15 of them. Caroline had the perfect high pitch voice to set them off – Im glad there were no windows around. Here are some pics from the walk……

magnusbogucki 2 Bannalpsee

magnusbogucki 3 Bannalpsee

magnusbogucki 5 Bannalpsee

magnusbogucki 6 Bannalpsee

magnusbogucki 7 Bannalpsee

bannalpsee2 Bannalpsee

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  • Eliza said:


  • Looks like fun. Man, I gotta get away from this computer and into the hills!!