Autumn in Luzern

mamma Autumn in Luzern

It is funny how one tends to explore places which always are far away from where you live – this time we did not. We went to the forest which is 5 minutes away from where we live. We had a long weekend here in Luzern – today the weather was suppose to be at its worst. It was the opposite. The forest was great and the weather was lovely. The last photo is my absolute favourite….

autumn portraits6 Autumn in Luzern
..and favourite color is…

autumn portraits4 Autumn in Luzern
my mum has a natural talent for photography…

autumn portraits5 Autumn in Luzern

and my favourite…..

autumn portraits1 Autumn in Luzern

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  • Eliza said:

    det var underbart vackra platser-det ser man tydligt på korten,det fångade du jätte fint