Trip to Aosta, Italy

aosta22 Trip to Aosta, Italy

The long weekend that just passed we (Patri and I)  rented a car and drove down to a city in Italy called Aosta.  I am not quite sure how Patri found it but the area around is absolutely amazing and the road trip there was wicked as well – let me tell you some of the stories from the trip. It felt like we were driving inside a post card for 6-7 hours. According to google the ride to Aosta should have taken 3h 30min but we had to stop and enjoy the view all the time. At one point I even asked Patri to change clothes, pulled out the big camera guns and started to do a photo shoot. It was too beautiful to miss out on…

map Trip to Aosta, Italy

Round Trip: 675km


We stayed in a city called Aosta which was a small town that allowed us to go to the “Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso”. The city itself is not amazing but good enough as a “base”. First day we had a picknick next to one of many castles around there and the view of town and then I went to see the champions league final (Bayern vs Inter). I thought it would be empty (forgot that Inter was an italian team) but it was full of people and the atmosphere was great – from very young to very old people., all making hand gestures and discussing the game. Was great to see. The fact that Inter won was also fun because people celebrated in the streets (even though it was pretty dead over all!).  We stayed in a hotel called “Le Pageot” and it is very central, clean and cheap but…also depressive. No natural light. First time I haven’t had natural light I think and it was really depressing! Luckily the nature around it did more than compensate for that!

Cogne & National Park

When we drove to the national park we came to a  small town called Cogne with around 1500 inhabitants. If you go to that part of Italy and want a really quite village with a couple of restaurants and lots of nature – then this is the place for you!

The trip was very spontaneous so we had no clue where to go or what to look for – our grand master “plan” was to drive to the national park and hope it would lead us somewhere….and, oh boy, it did…..on its way to the park we saw a really nice waterfall (I love waterfalls) and then when we arrived at the park we saw another sign for a waterfall. We followed that. At first I wasn’t too impressed but then we continued walking up the stair – thinking we would see the same waterfall from a different angle.  Instead we kept seeing a waterfall above the other waterfall….in the end we found a place where the  “source” was – so niiiice! I stepped inside the water with one foot and I was freezing my a** off! It was freaking cold!! I justified my “cowardiness” by thinking “of course it is cold…..afterall it is melted ice from the top of a mountain!” but when Patri, kindly, pointed out that there was a naked little child playing in the water all the time then I did not feel much of a man. Later on Patri and I layed down on a big stone to chill a bit and get a bit of a tan – we both passed out of tiredness and when we woke up 1hr later everyone had left and we were burnt! Two red lobsters!

Trip Home

On the day of driving home we stopped at a food place and went a bit crazy on the alcohol and meat section – we spent 230 euros on just that.  In true gypsy style we also bought a plastic bucket and filled it with ice so it would keep the meat cool.  We also started a competition – we both got to pick 3 bottles of red wine each and now there will be a “battle” of who has chosen the best wine.  The result will be provided in a “ramble of the week” post. We chose to drive another way home and it was of course also very beautiful – especially from Realp to Luzern. At our arrival I realised that Luzern is also amazingly nice – sometimes one takes it for granted. When you live right next to it. The trip ended with a BBQ and wine on the balcony….. what a nice weekend!

Here are some pictures – see if you can spot the photo with a HEART inside it? My favourite photo is the last one!

aosta 2 Trip to Aosta, Italy

aosta 4 Trip to Aosta, Italy

aosta 1 Trip to Aosta, Italy

aosta 3 Trip to Aosta, Italy

aosta 5 Trip to Aosta, Italy

aosta 6 Trip to Aosta, Italy

aosta 7 Trip to Aosta, Italy

aosta 8 Trip to Aosta, Italy

aosta 9 Trip to Aosta, Italy

aosta 10 Trip to Aosta, Italy

aosta 14 Trip to Aosta, Italy

aosta 15 Trip to Aosta, Italy

aosta 11 Trip to Aosta, Italy

aosta 12 Trip to Aosta, Italy

aosta 16 Trip to Aosta, Italy

aosta 13 Trip to Aosta, Italy

aosta 17 Trip to Aosta, Italy

aosta 18 Trip to Aosta, Italy

aosta 20 Trip to Aosta, Italy

aosta 19 Trip to Aosta, Italy

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  • Eliza said:

    otroligt vackert-det är livet det !!! att ser alla dessa underbara platser.Det är ett rikedom som ingen tar ifrån dig,det som du får ser,uppleva-det går inte att köpa.Och att ser det med dina bilder med själ och känslighet,med dina ögon – :) hjärtat mjuknar bara och man känner glädje i livet.

  • Jaume Espinosa said:

    vaya fotos mas wapas

    eso si, la modelo no tiene desperdicio. Si no fuera por ella...