Before and After Photos

I wanted to share some before and after shots of my own work. I often hear or read that they are restricted by the location they are in. I believe all location has something we can use to create an image. Below are a few photos that I created along with some comments. I hope you find this useful and fun….


beforeafter3 Before and After Photos

This first image I used the table to create a reflection of the couple. I used a video light to light both of them.

beforeafter4 Before and After Photos

The second image was created in the same room as the first image. I saw these black curtains. I closed them, got some bubbles and used a flash to light them.

beforeafter5 Before and After Photos

Here I saw the bridesmaid taking a picture of the bride – you can see that she is removing the curtain with the left hand. I went to the same spot but I used the curtain to soften it a bit.

beforeafter2 Before and After Photos

The landscape here was fantastic – I felt there was too much going on. So I compressed the image and isolated the couple.

beforeafter1 Before and After Photos

Here we were in an open field with olive trees. I lowered my angle and framed them with the trees.

beforeafter6 Before and After Photos

Here you can see the bride walking to the ceremony. On the right there is a sofa with a lamp. I later came back with the couple, placed them on the sofa and changed the angle to where the arrow is being displayed in the image.

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