Wedding Album & Photo Box

House is on fire! What do you do?? I know it sounds cliche but I guess saving your albums would be one of your first priorities after you know your family is safe. Photos can transport you back in time in an instance.  Printed books is also great for sitting down with your children/family/friends.. I love technology . Seeing stuff on an iPad/projector/computer is very cool. And convenient. However, holding something really solid and seeing something on paper is simply more fulfilling.

A book is also more durable than any technology. Compare it to backups on a DVD for example (who has a DVD player now a days anyways?). It can easily get damaged, scratched, lost or outdated.  I always recommend couples to invest in a photo album – you invest a lot of time and money into your wedding day and I believe this should be the reward for that effort.

The wedding album industry is a bit of a jungle for someone who is not used to it. There are different types of covers,  thickness of pages, different paper material and of course different sizes. Since I have experience in this I will happily support in these decisions.

For my wedding albums I offer them in three sizes – 30×30 cm, 25×25 cm, 20×20 cm & 10×10 cm. Here are some sample photos.

album 5 of 5 Wedding Album

kissalbum 11 Wedding Album

kissalbum 2 Wedding Album

kissalbum 9 Wedding Album

This is the 10x10cm album – great as a gift to family and friends:

kissalbum 3 Wedding Album

kissalbum 5 Wedding Album

Photo Box

 A great way to store your favourite pictures that will last for a life time. You can also hang your favourite pictures on the wall and change them over time. Or simply store the box in your bookshelf and easily take them out when friends and family come over. The works are made with the technique of giclee print on cotton paper Water Color Radiant 188gsm certified digigraphie.
This technique of printing and reproduction of works of art on certified media allows long-lasting print. The box and prints are made in Italy.

photo box1 Wedding Album

photo box3 Wedding Album

photo box2 Wedding Album

photo box4 Wedding Album

The size of the box is 35 x 35 cm.