Wedding Album

For my wedding albums I offer an exclusive leather album produced by KISS Wedding Albums. The beautiful part of this album is when you open it – the spreads has a micro-fold rather than a cut. In other words, if you have one image over two pages you will not see a white line in the middle of it.

I offer them in three sizes – 30×30 cm, 26×26 cm  & 10×10 cm.

Here is the 30x30cm album……….

kissalbum 11 Wedding Album

kissalbum 2 Wedding Album

kissalbum 9 Wedding Album

kissalbum 10 Wedding Album

This is the 10x10cm album – great as a gift to family and friends:

kissalbum 3 Wedding Album

kissalbum 5 Wedding Album

Guest Album

A popular option is to create a on-the-day guest album. Pictures of all guests will be taken with a polaroid camera when the dinner starts and then inserted to the chosen guest album. This will allow the guests to write a message under their picture (it will also be easier guessing who wrote what). I can also provide some fake mustaches and other props are also welcome.

polaroid guestbook1 Wedding Album

polaroid guestbook2 Wedding Album

polaroid guestbook3 Wedding Album

polaroid guestbook4 Wedding Album