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advice Wedding Advice


After attending numerous weddings I would like to share some advice that I have observed (in no particular order):

  • The hair dresser / Make up artist usually needs more time so always plan in a buffer of at least an hour between hair dressers and “getting ready at home”.  Because if they are late then you start your day with “catching up” with time.
  • Ask the photographer to show pictures from one wedding – looking at a gallery you tend to see the best photos from many weddings. In my – case, you can see all individual weddings in my blog. Click here.
  • During a wedding there are usually fixed times that you cannot move – hairdresser is set, church is set, reception is set and dinner is set.  If you do not have buffer time in between those events then all events in between will be impacted – and you will be stressed.  For example,  many times I have had an hour session for portraits set after the ceremony but as the ceremony took a bit longer than expected and also people’s greetings after church took longer than expected the time was cut down to 20-30 minutes.
  • From a photographer’s point of view – preparation is a great time to take pictures! I personally think you get much better pictures here than during speeches and cutting the cake.  There is always a special buzz!
  • If you need to make a compromise of the time with the photographer – rather have him come early and leave early than come late and leave late. As preparation photos tend to be better than evening photos + you can put disposable cameras for guests to capture the night.
  • Brides – do not wait till the last minute to put the dress on. Put it on, get comfortable, used to walking and also have some great photos.
  • If you have a side or angle where you think you looks better – tell the photographer.
  • Props (like umbrellas, scarfs, teddybears, etc) and themes can always be fun – feel free to bring that to the photo shoot.
  • The wedding day is intense and the only time you as a couple get to be by yourself are when you are doing portraits with the photographer. Give yourself and the photographer time.
  • This might sound cliché but it is 100% true – after the wedding, when all guests have gone home, the gifts are unwrapped and the thank you cards are sent. The only tangible memories you will have of the day is your rings and your photographs/video. Make sure

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