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Hochzeits Fotograf Magnus Bogucki

I am photographer based in Baar, Canton Zug (Central Switzerland) - I love wedding photography and portraits!

I am originally from Sweden but both my parents are from Poland. I am married to Patricia who is from Spain and our son Leon was born in Switzerland. A nice international mix in other words. Just like most weddings now a days.

I started with photography in 2003 and did my first wedding in 2008 (for a family member). By 2010 I started to work as a professional photographer.

My wife and I are also running an online wedding shop called Kissloud - there you can find "stuff" for your wedding day. Everything from bubbles to sky lanterns.

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My style of wedding photography

My style of photography is reflected by who I am as a person and what inspires me.

I am inspired by many different things such as seeing people saying good bye/welcome back to their loved ones at airports, how different type of light can make something look so unique, any type of emotional moment, movies like 'midnight in paris' and 'king's speech' and much more.

It is hard to write or say how I am as a person. I believe the best way to get to know me is the old fashion way of meeting in person or talk over skype (if the distance is too great).

If I would describe my wedding photography style then it would be to capture timeless moments, romantic and intimate portraits and a story-telling feel to your entire wedding day.

Feel free to contact me and we can arrange to meet!

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